A Smile for Life: A Classic Dental TV Commercial (1960’s)

I am a fan of vintages, all sorts of stuff that were classic. And I found this one from YouTube, a classic TV commercial of the American Dental Association. The video was uploaded by “All Classic Video” on October 9, 2012.

This is about the story of a boy that loves to go to a dental clinic. He is fond of seeing the dental laboratory and aspired to become a dentist someday, not knowing how hard it is to be a professional dentist. When he is older, he knew that becoming a dentist is very hard, that he needs to study for eight years, with different subjects and not just the dental ones. He somehow did not become a dentist.

He is grateful for that Doctor that showed him the importance of taking care of his teeth and has given him what the doctor called “A Smile for Life”.

Isn’t it good to have that attitude like that of the child that going to a dental clinic is better than watching a movie?

He learned the importance of taking care of his teeth is one of the most valuable things in life.
How many children and adults have grown with that attitude of taking care of their teeth that their smiles that can last for a lifetime?

But sad to say, tooth decay remained as the second most common disease next to common cold in the United States.

Let us help spread the idea like that of the boy in the commercial that taking care of our oral health is very important. Through this classic TV commercial, let us show other people how valuable our smile is, most especially, when we can keep it in our lifetime.

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