How long do you brush your teeth?

Metro Dental Brush Your Teeth
Brush Your Teeth

Did you know that most of us need help when it comes to brushing our teeth? I know most of us do brush our teeth everyday, I just don’t know if some forgot it because they are too busy watching movies in NetFlix that they tend to fall asleep in the couch.

If you will set a timer when you brush your teeth, do you think you will last for two minutes? I bet not! People are too busy that they are in a rush in everything they do, including brushing their teeth!
So, how long should we brush our teeth?

Metro Dental said that dentist recommends two minutes as the standard time for brushing our teeth. And in line with that, said that the average person brushes, two minutes a day, 14 minutes a week, 12.1 hours a year, and 38.5 days in their lifetime.

Imagine that a small amount of time the average person spent with taking care of their teeth. If we will be strict about our dental health, we must brush our teeth six minutes a day, 42 minutes a week, 36.4 hours a year, and 122 days in our lifetime!
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